The sauna area of Silvretta Therme Ischgl

An experience for all senses

garment-free zone | from 15 years

The luxury of true relaxation: If you’re looking for a calm refuge away from Ischgl’s hustle and bustle, look no further than the sauna area of Ischgl’s Silvretta Therme. The many saunas and steam baths are the perfect places to enjoy deep relaxation.

The spacious sauna area is one of the most luxurious ones in all of Austria. Enjoy “deluxe sauna experiences” in an elegant setting that will impress even the most discerning guests.


Sauna visits in Ischgl

A masterly pleasure

Our sauna masters ensure that your visit to the Silvretta Therme Ischgl is an unforgettable experience. Each member of our sauna team has completed a rigorous training program with Europe's top infusion masters, mastering the art of sauna. Our sauna master, Thorsten "Thor" Moeller, was crowned "Austrian Infusion Master" in 2023, and Bernie Becht followed suit in 2024, securing the title once again for Silvretta Therme. Both of our sauna masters regularly perform infusions in our sauna area, providing our guests with a premium sauna experience.

In addition to our team's expertise, optimal occupancy ensures the perfect sauna experience. At Silvretta Therme, overcrowded saunas and steam baths are not an issue. We understand that the beneficial effects of our textile-free area are best enjoyed with ample space.

Speaking of textile-free: All saunas and pools in the sauna area are nude zones.

textile free sauna: what does that mean?

The highlights of the sauna area

What to expect

In the sauna area, you have access to different saunas and, of course, the outdoor pools. Please note that during summer and autumn, we keep sauna level 4 open continuously for your convenience. Level 5, however, is opened only as needed. 

Discover our summer sauna experience: Enjoy our adventure sauna, panoramic sauna, mountain herbal sauna, steam bath, snow cabin, panoramic whirlpool, and more – all designed for your relaxation in the central area. Indulge in our outdoor pool and VIP relaxation room Velill. Our award-winning sauna masters, including the 2023 and 2024 infusion champions, perform regular infusions. Experience a comprehensive sauna offering at attractive summer rates.

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  • different saunas and steam bath with different temperatures
  • outdoor pool with a whirlpool
  • plunge pool
  • infrared cabin
  • Kneipp facilities
  • snow grotto
  • spacious sauna garden
  • in-house production of sauna oils using a gentle vacuum rotation process
  • free peelings
  • treatments right in the pool
  • Infusions performed by highly trained staff, including the current national champion and last year's winner

Sauna sessions in the Tyrolean Alps

Natural & organic

Surrounded by the spectacular Tyrolean Alps, guests enjoy pure, undiluted sauna experiences at Silvretta Therme. The natural power of the mountains even makes its way inside the sauna, with many of our sauna rituals using minerals from the local mountains.

In general, we are guided by the principle: no chemically produced infusion agents, no artificial scented substances! Instead, we mostly produce our infusion agents in-house from dried organic herbs, using a gentle rotary vacuum evaporator. Alternatively, we exclusively use high-quality, pure essential oils.


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Galtür Gentian:

Furthermore, we prioritize local partnerships. We are proud to collaborate with the Galtür-based start-up, Enzian Cultivated, led by Dr. Alexandra Walter and Heidrun Walter.
They produce innovative skincare products from the flowers and leaves of the Yellow Gentian cultivated in Galtür.



Enzian Cultivated

Utilizing the unused byproduct of schnapps distillation, they prioritize handcraftsmanship and sustainable production. Therefore, the Silvretta Therme in Ischgl also uses the highest quality, bitter substance-containing shower soaps and lotions, sourced from fields in the neighboring village.

All saunas & steam baths at a glance

Modern and varied

Ischgl’s Silvretta Therme boasts many different saunas and steam baths, ranging from the soothing alpine rose steam bath to our event sauna and more.

Panoramic sauna

Unique & spacious

The panoramic sauna is one of Austria’s biggest saunas and the heart and soul of Silvretta Therme. Thanks to the sauna’s unique location and size, you enjoy spectacular views across Ischgl from there.

  • humidity: 10 % to 20 %
  • temperature: 80 °C

Event sauna

Magical & extraordinary

Sophisticated light and sound installations, a fog machine and special Aufguss shows make this classic Finnish sauna the perfect place to experience special moments.

  • humidity: 10 to 20 %
  • temperature: 85°C

Alpine herbal sauna

Aromatic & natural

Local herbs from the Silvretta mountains lend this sauna its unique aroma, giving you the chance to experience the region’s nature from up close.

  • humidity: 10 % to 20 %
  • temperature: 75 °C

Steam bath

Elegant & soothing

The high humidity in this sophisticated steam bath cleanses your skin, stimulates your metabolism and strengthens your immune system. It can also help to release muscle tension.

  • humidity: 100 %
  • temperature: 40–45 °C

Snow Grotto

Natural Relaxation

A rocky cave designed for relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy the soft deposits and gentle body massages with fresh snow, while indirect lighting creates a romantic ambiance. A cozy retreat for inner peace and well-being.

All Aufguss sessions at a glance

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Insights into Silvretta Therme's Sauna Area

What you can expect