Aufguss sessions at Ischgl‘s Silvretta Therme

Highlights every hour on the hour

At the saunas and steam baths of Ischgl’s Silvretta Therme, you can choose from a variety of Aufguss sessions – every day and every hour on the hour. Our qualified sauna staff know how to turn your visit to our sauna area into a special experience. From more classic Aufguss sessions to our “Hot Experience” session, our sauna experts will treat you to select sauna rituals.

Did you know? For our Aufguss sessions, we use a gentle rotary vacuum evaporator.

Our infusion timetable can be seen here (exemplary from this winters' season).


Our Aufguss sessions at a glance

From classic to extraordinary

Every day and every hour on the hour, you can experience soothing rituals at our state-of-the-art sauna area. Try one of the following Aufguss sessions and experience ultimate Alpine relaxation!

  • Classic Aufguss session: Europe’s oldest wellness ritual combines essential oils with traditional fanning techniques.
  • Mineral Aufguss session: An Aufguss for all senses – see, smell and taste local minerals, herbs, resin and other natural flavours!
  • Morning and evening ritual: Start or end your day with this special sauna ceremony.
  • Event Aufguss session: Are you in the mood for something special? Then our event Aufguss sessions with light, music and meditation elements are just the thing for you!.
  • Hot Experience: A “hot” tip for experienced sauna fans! With special fanning techniques and natural flavours, our hottest sauna is guaranteed to make you sweat.
  • A walk in the woods: As refreshing as forest bathing! Feel the soothing effect of local herbs and natural flavours during this Aufguss session at our Alpine herbal sauna!
  • Steam bath ritual: This peeling ritual with mineral salts stimulates the body, cleanses the skin and has a regenerative effect..

Feel the power of the mountains

Minerals in the sauna

For us at Silvretta Therme, the Tyrolean mountains are more than just a stunning backdrop. Of course, we also love the splendid views they provide us with. But at our sauna area, you can also feel their “skin-deep effect”.

Ischgl‘s Silvretta Therme is the only spa that uses minerals from the local mountains. We incorporate them into various rituals in our steam baths as well as into our peelings and minerals baths in the outdoor pool. Don’t miss out on this sparkling, energising experience!

Minerals used at our spa:

  • Zinc: good for your skin, hair and nails
  • Lithium: boosts your mood and relieves stress
  • Calcium: stabilises your natural skin barrier and musculoskeletal system
  • Potassium: prevents muscle weakness and promotes relaxation
  • Magnesium: has a cleansing effect and prevents dry skin

By the way: You can also purchase our mineral products at the spa shop. Plus, there’s a special offer waiting for you at our sauna area: Get your free homemade peeling at the sauna counter on the fourth floor!


Sauna enjoyment with nature experience

authentic and organic

Amidst the breathtaking backdrop, we prioritize the highest quality for our infusion materials: The natural power of the mountains permeates even our saunas. Many of our sauna ceremonies are conducted with minerals sourced directly from the mountains of Ischgl.

Our creed is crystal clear: No artificial infusion materials, no synthetic aromas! Instead, we largely produce our sauna products from dried organic herbs using a gentle vacuum rotary evaporator (as seen in the picture). As an alternative, we exclusively use high-quality, pure essential oils.

In the sauna area of the Silvretta Therme, nudity is required

Galtür Gentian

Enzian cultivated

The partnership with the start-up Enzian Cultivated emphasizes our regional approach. Dr. Alexandra and Heidrun Walter utilize the Yellow Gentian from Galtür to produce innovative skincare products, employing sustainable practices. This collaboration between tourism and agriculture is reflected in the use of high-quality, regional shower soaps and lotions at the Silvretta Therme Ischgl.

All products are available at the shop at the Silvretta Therme Ischgl cashier desk.

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