State-of-the-art treatments at the Silvretta Therme Ischgl

High performance cold chamber & overwater massage wave system

For many guests, a spa treatment at our hotel is the pinnacle of relaxation. Anyone who has ever felt tense muscles loosening up knows: you feel like a new man afterwards.

By the way: You don’t have to be a guest of our pool or sauna area to take advantage of the spa offers at Silvretta Therme. All massages are available for external guests and can be booked at +43 5444 606 444.
In this case, please use the entrance at the back building (access via Brandweg / wellness counter).

Our highlight: the cold chamber

Three minutes at up to 85 degrees minus - does that sound tempting?

A stay in the cryo chamber has numerous benefits. For example, the cold in the cabin helps with skin diseases, pain and inflammation and is also considered a state-of-the-art wellness and beauty treatment. The whole-body cold stimulates the body and provokes various reactions from it. The cool head gives the soul space - "back to me". Therefore, whole-body cooling is predestined as a modern spa treatment.

With the help of the cryo chamber and the applied dry cold of up to -85°C, the immune system is significantly improved. Athletes in particular have discovered this benefit for themselves.

In addition to strengthening the immune system, the cryo chamber also invigorates the body and mind and also ensures faster regeneration after each application. The general well-being and inner peace are also positively stimulated. The modern form of therapy helps to mobilise balances in only two to three minutes. Endorphins are released - see for yourself!

  • Cryo chamber single treatment: EUR 29,90
  • Cryo chamber pass of 11: EUR 299,00

Water massages at Silvretta Therme

Wellsystem massage bed at the spa area

At Ischgl‘s Silvretta Therme, you can find several Wellsystem massage beds. This type of hydromassage lounger makes use of the soothing power of water. During a relaxing full or partial body massage – which you can enjoy fully clothed – warm water jets hit the underside of the surface of your massage bed in even movements.

Water also plays a vital role during the underwater massages with pressure jets offered at Ischgl’s Silvretta Therme. This therapeutic, 20-minute full or partial body treatment is especially suitable for older adults with back pain, but also for younger sports enthusiasts.

  • Wellsystem single treatment (approx. 20 min): EUR 19,90
  • Wellsystem pass for 11 massages: EUR 199,00